Onion links

Onion links

They're domain names of onion pages that can only be run through the Tor browser. There is also the largest trading platform of the Russian Federation and the CIS called Hydra, where you can buy "grey market" goods.

Darknet – how the system works

To get to the Darknet and in particular to the site Hydra, the user has to pre-load Thor-browser, which is a kind of guide to this "mysterious world." Here's what you need to do to install a Tor browser on your PC:

  • Visit Thor's official website, where you can study the information about the program and download it;
  • If you download a file, you need to open it.
  • Choose the Russian interface language and click on the "Install" button;
  • Open the downloaded program and use its functionality to the full.

It is worth pointing out separately that the Darknet collected not only sites of radical orientation, a bunch of wild content, etc. For example, many torrent trackers moved here, after the ban on their activities in the Russian Federation.

How to enter Hydra

To enter Hydra via the Tor browser, the user will need to enter the site's name into the search bar. In the proposed list, you need to choose the current address of the site and click on it.

If you have never visited Hydra before, you will need to register. To do this, you need to click on the appropriate button and enter the login, repeat the password twice and come up with a nickname. To confirm your actions, you need to enter the kapcha and click on the "Entry" button.

Once on Hydra, you will be asked to familiarize yourself with the user agreement. By accepting it, you will become a full participant in the Hydra project, where you will be fully available functionality and services of the site.

What else you need to know about Hydra

Hydra is a large trading floor with more than 3,000 stores every day. This service allows you to buy and sell products of the "grey market" without fear of persecution by law enforcement. If you have questions, you can always contact the support site, where you are sure to help.

How Hydra Mirrors work

Hydra Mirrors are alternative site addresses that are used if Hydra's main site is blocked by providers. Mirrors are the same Hydra, but have a different domain name that did not have time to get into the blacklist.

The function of mirrors is the same as that of the official website. Here you can make purchases, sell goods and services, work with stocks and more. If necessary, any client of Hydra can find a job here, which will bring a stable high income.

Hydra wholesale – how to make purchases to wholesalers?

Hydra wholesale is an opportunity for customers of the trading platform to purchase large quantities of goods. Many people have a question – how to get a large batch of goods and not to "light up"?
Wholesale purchases on Hydra are common and are not something new and unknown. If small batches of goods are handed over to buyers by bookmarking method, large batches (wholesale) are transferred in the form of treasures.

It is easy to make wholesale purchases on Hydra. The scheme is as follows:

  • You need to log on to Hydra's website and log in;
  • After authorization, we choose the product in the store you like;
  • Before buying, choose the quantity of goods from the seller;
  • Click the "buy" button before examining the information about the seller, according to the reviews of other customers.

If necessary, you can always contact the merchant via Telegram listed in the store. If you have doubts about the reliability of the seller, the customer is offered to conclude the transaction through the guarantor. This option will allow you to insure by paying a small commission to a specialist.

Hydra site is a unique resource on which you can sell and buy products of the "grey market". Despite the heightened security measures, Hydra is in the public domain and anyone can visit it.


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