Hydra mirrors

Hydra mirrors are full copies of the original version of the site. The only difference is the changed domain name, which did not have time to "get on the note" to the provider and specialists of Roskomnadzor.

When you enter the Hydra mirror, the user does not need to re-register. All you need to do is enter the login and password from your personal account. Once on the Hydra website, the client will find that all the data previously stored by him is in place, as well as the balance of his account.

In the hydra mirror, even notes and bookmarks that the customer of the trading floor left during transactions are preserved. Mirror is a full-fledged resource where you can trade and buy goods without fear.


Статистика сайтов

Отсутствие блокировок: 40%
Быстродействие: 20%
Задержка отклика: 15%
Надежность сертификата: 15%
Адрес зеркала: 15%

This option is attractive because it opens access to the trading floor bypassing the blocking of providers and Roskomnadzor. Keep in mind that when using mirrors, you should take care to protect your personal data by connecting a proxy or VPN.

What can I buy on hydra's mirror?

The hydra mirror fully "reflects" the real marketplace. You can also find your favorite (proven) stores, or find new products in other stores. Today, the following products and services can be purchased on Hydra's website:

  • PAW and cannabis;
  • Drugs and medicines (without a prescription);
  • Documents – certificates, diplomas, xiva, etc.;
  • Cash and related goods;
  • Digital goods, such as databases of the Interior Ministry, the FSB and other services;
  • Seek graphic and design services, etc.

Hydra is a huge trading platform that is getting bigger every day. In 5 years of operation, Hydra has successfully absorbed its competitors, becoming a monopoly of the market.

Hydra Mirror allows you to enter the site, bypassing the blocking providers and Roskomnadzor. This link has its own unique domain name (in most cases, it is a randomly generated address) that will lead to the desired site.

In order not to fall for the tricks of scammers, it is recommended to borrow a link from the official site Hydra, from thematic forums or from the sites-partners of the trading platform. Once on Hydra, using mirrors, the user will be able to take full advantage of the services of the trading floor.

Once on the site with the help of a login and password from his personal office, Hydra's client will see that all his information is preserved. The balance state remains at the same level, all notes and bookmarks are saved. Through the mirror you can safely make purchases without fear of forgery.