Hydra Mirror Onion

Hydra Mirror Onion

Hydra Mirror Onion is an alternative link in the Darknet, allowing access to the famous trading floor of the "grey market". With such a link in hand, the user can safely bypass the blocking providers and Roskomnadzor.

Hydra Mirror – where to get the link?

To find the actual mirror hydra, it is recommended to contact proven sources, among which you can highlight:

  • Thematic forums and floats;
  • Hydra partner sites, which always feature up-to-date mirrors;
  • Links to mirrors are on Hydra's official website in the bottom left corner on the front page.

Hydra Mirrors is an original copy of the site. In fact, this is the same Hydra, only with a changed domain name. Using a mirror, the user can visit the trading floor, but you should take care of security (personal information) by connecting a proxy or VPN. Just your activity can cause interest in law enforcement.

How to find a job on Hydra?

To find work on Hydra, the user needs to move the cursor to the bottom of the main page of the site, where additional blocks with services are placed. Clicking on the "Jobs" section, the user will get into the menu, which offers current job options.

The second but less secure way to find work is through Hydra stores. Some business representatives in the "grey market" on a permanent basis are looking for workers who are ready to earn a lot and at the same time take risks. Basically, such stores require couriers or treasure trovemen who will transport goods from city to city, or sort "packages" and pass them on to customers.

It is noted that the transfer of parcels does not require a personal presence. It is enough to "make" the bookmark, take a picture of the place, describe in a message to the customer how and where to pick up the treasure, drop the coordinates of the place and all. The courier has no contact with the recipient.

There are many interesting services on Hydra aimed at helping customers. Thanks to this approach to work, every day the number of customers at Hydra is becoming more and more, while the influence of the site is spreading more and more.

What's on Hydra?

Hydra is a kind of monopolist who managed to "crush" their competitors, completely destroying their business or buying them out active. Despite such an aggressive approach, experts managed to create a quality product, which is no different from the classic online stores.

To date, Hydra offers a wide range of goods and services, including:

  • PAW and cannabis;
  • Documents, including xiva, driver's licenses, military tickets, certificates, diplomas of universities, etc.;
  • Account hacking services, etc.;
  • Digital goods and services such as databases of the FSB, the Interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies;
  • Cash signs;
  • Graphics and design services and more.

Thanks to a wide range of goods and services, Hydra was able to attract the attention of a diverse public, where each client has their own goals and objectives.

Additional Hydra services

Hydra always goes to meet their customers and offers them a lot of services and additional programs that will help them to work on the site and allow them to earn. Among them are:

  • Guarantee services – this option allows you to make purchases with "safety. Thus, the client can protect himself from dishonest sellers and not waste money;
  • Exchanger – another service on the site Hydra, allowing without unnecessary delay to exchange rubles for bitcoins (for trading on the site);
  • Notes – This section allows you to leave notes and save bookmarks;
  • A convenient search engine that you can set up based on your queries, etc.

Hydra does not stand still and is constantly evolving. With each update, there are additional services and options that work for the benefit of customers. It's easy to work with Hydro and every user can see it!


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