Hydra links

Hydra links

Hydra links are the current addresses of the trading floor, opening access to it. In addition to the official site, there are also mirrors that allow you to visit Hydra through a simple browser, bypassing the provider's locks.

Where to find current links to Hydra?

Experienced users recommend immediately after registration on Hydra to move to the bottom of the main page, where on the right side the site administration has placed current (working) links to the site for alternative entry.

If you do not have access to the official site – do not be sad. Current links to Hydra can be found:

  • On thematic forums and publics;
  • Find links to partner sites that partner with Hydro;
  • Contact Hydra Support, where the operator will provide a list of links to the trading floor.

You can use any of the addresses provided. When authorizing, you should specify the login and password previously specified at registration.

Opportunities on Hydra

Each user on Hydra can do the following:

  • Free use of the help of narcologists and lawyers;
  • Buy and sell goods and services;
  • Become a participant in an investment project;
  • Use the function of exchangers, converting rubles into bitcoins;
  • Use the services of a guarantor;
  • Set up a personal office "under yourself" and more.

Hydra is a unique project of its kind, opening up huge opportunities for the user. For example, if you have problems and urgently need a job, on Hydra you can always find a high-paying job (admittedly associated with risk). Each applicant can receive free training and get a job, according to their skills.

How will the guarantor help?

Buying large batches of goods through a guarantor, the user can count on the full support of a specialist. In this case, when buying a large consignment of goods on Hydra, the user offers the seller to make a deal through a guarantor – if he agrees, the transaction takes "legal force."

Without a guarantor you can work too, but here the spending will be like in a lottery. Help can be obtained from the operator Hydra in an online chat, but such a process can be delayed, and, experts will consider transactions made within 24 hours. If you have applied after receiving the parcel after 2-3 days, no one will help you.


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