Hydra official website

Hydra official website

Hydra's official website is a platform where tens of thousands of people from all over Russia and from a dozen CIS countries buy and sell goods and services every day. The modern approach to trade and acceptable prices have made Hydra the number one resource among such sites.

Enter Hydra's official website

To log on to Hydra's official website, the user needs to know the original name of the project (domain name). Recently, the network has appeared a lot of phishing copies of Hydra, created by scammers – their main task is to get hold of the money of gullible users.

The domain name of hydra's official website is hydraruzxpnew4af. Even one extra letter can indicate that you are facing a phishing project that is definitely not worth it.

Entrance to Hydra via Tor Browser

Knowing the name of the site is not enough, because in order to get to Hydra, working in the Darknet, you need to pre-load The Tor browser. Here's how to do it:

  • We search for and open the official website of the program, which is in the public domain;
  • Switch the language to Russian, read the information about the program and download it to your device;
  • Open the downloaded file;
  • In the open window, choose the Russian language and press the "Install" button.

After the installation process is completed, you can safely open the Tor browser, enter the original name of the hydra site into the search bar and use all the services of the trading floor. It is worth pointing out that the Tor browser is slower than the browsers Yandex, Chrome, etc.

Hydra – more information

After registration and authorization on Hydra, the user will be asked to top up the balance of his account on the site. Bitcoins are used for trading. If you don't have them, it's okay. You can convert rubles into cryptocurrency directly on the website, in the section "Exchanger." Many will wonder – why bitcoins? This approach will not allow interested parties to track all your transactions and check your account statement, as bitcoins do not "belong" to any country in the world.


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