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What does Hydra offer to buy?

Hydra is a huge trading platform, where tens of thousands of goods and services are presented. Among them are in high demand:

  • Psychotropic substances and cannabis;
  • Medications;
  • Different documentation (driver's licenses, passports, diplomas, etc.);
  • Digital information hacking services, etc.

In addition to these products and services, you can always ask for the help of specialists who will help to decorate your store with the help of graphics and design. It sells encrypted routers, useful literature, laboratory equipment and designers. Hydra products can be listed for hours, it is better to enter Hydra and familiarize yourself with the range in person.

People web

To assess the capabilities of hydra, it is recommended to register on the platform and become a part of this huge world. There are more than 3000 stores for you, where tens of thousands of products are represented. This is a huge market where anyone can find something interesting for themselves. If you have any questions, ask them to the site's support team.

Double security

Hydra is an international trading platform operating in nine CIS countries and in Russia. The administration of the project does not stand still and constantly develops its brainchild, expanding the spheres of influence. Every day hydra users, as well as shops, becomes more and more. Thanks to security measures, you can work on Hydra safely without fear of responsibility to the law.

Big community

When you enter Hydra, the user can notice that many of the services available are completely free. For example, the client can at any time of the day get a consultation with a lawyer or a narcologist. In addition, you can always write to the operator in a support chat and get prompt help. If you can't solve problems through the operator, you can write to the site moderator, who will answer you.

Services of hydra

Hydra is a multifunctional platform whose activities are not only aimed at trade in goods and services. Here, the user can find many useful services that will help to find a job, get free advice or just earn on the shares of the company.

Among Hydra's services are:

  • Exchanger – this service is designed for those who do not want to spend time on registration in bitcoin services, as well as on the search for exchangers. Entering the relevant section on the site, the user just enter the rubles there and get on his balance cryptocurrency;
  • Guarantee – this service allows you to insure the transaction and "hang" the amount until the completion of the transaction. The commission of the guarantor will depend on the amount of the transaction (within 4-12%). The advantage of such an operation is that the seller will not receive the customer's money before receiving the parcel and checking the quality of the goods;
  • Investment project – to actively develop their business, Hydra specialists decided to sell 49% of the company's shares to their clients interested in earning money. This approach allowed the administration to receive a large sum of money at once, and for shareholders to earn on Hydra's income;
  • Consultation of narcologists and lawyers – this type of services is provided free of charge and anyone can contact specialists with their questions concerning their competence.

Thanks to this approach, Hydra specialists have won the respect of many customers.

Site metrics




10 years on the darknet

Hydra Mirrors is a set of links that allow the user to visit their favorite site without hindrance. They open unhindered access to the site, despite the blockage.


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Job search on Hydra

Among the vacancies of the site are:

  • Mortgages are the simplest and most common vacancy. Anyone can respond to it. Specialists will help to master the basics of the profession, teach competent actions and help to get used to. Earnings are consistently high, although associated with risk;
  • Couriers – the task of specialists is to transport large quantities of goods between cities. Such services, though extremely dangerous, are generously paid by the traffic specialists;
  • Grovers – in this case, we need specialists who are seriously engaged in agronomy. It is assumed that the applicant will grow cannabis on his own territory at the hydroponic farm. The quantity and quality of the goods will depend on the size of the employee's salary;
  • Chemists – from the applicant required knowledge in chemistry, which will help him when cooking PAV. To work, he will need his own area for the arrangement of the laboratory and all the necessary equipment.

If you think that all work on Hydra is associated with risk – not at all. For example, here on a permanent basis need experienced programmers who will help in the work on improving the site. If you have questions, you can always ask them to the operator in an online chat.

Three stages of purchase on Hydra




To become a client of Hydra, the user will need to register for the project. To do this, you need to visit the official website of the trading floor and click on the "Registration" button. In the open menu, the user will be asked to come up with a login, nickname and password: to confirm their actions, you will need to re-enter the invented password and capcha.



Balance replenishment

If all is well, Hydra's client will be automatically transferred to a user agreement page. As soon as the user confirms the familiarization of the rules, he will immediately get to the main page of the site. Having access to your personal office, you will be able to top up your account and safely make their first purchases.



Product selection and receipt

After checking the reliability of the resource, you can safely start your business and buy the following goods and services:

  • PAW and cannabis;
  • Drugs and substances;
  • Documents;
  • Graphics and design services;
  • Digital goods and services, etc.

Hydra Benefits

Mobile layout

Access to the resource from any device: android, iphone, tablet, computer, etc. All popular resolution screens and devices.


opposition DDoS

Protection from competition attacks at the highest level, allows Hydra to always be accessible. If the main address doesn't work, you can open the mirror.


using TOR

Security is also guaranteed by using the TOR network, which allows you to remain anonymous to the fullest protection of the buyer from data leakage.

Geography of supplies

An extensive list of countries and cities gives the property even for travelers. You can change the country and the city in 2 clicks, in the top left corner of the site.


Instant purchase

There is no need to expect the goods to arrive in the city or area you need. The point-of-sale system on Hydra issues coordinates immediately after payment


Rating system, product reviews, detailed description, photos, ways of application – all this gives the buyer the right choice.

Control Service

Product quality control gives special privileges for stores, and confidence for customers that the product corresponds to the stated characteristics.



Support is provided both at the level of the store, and at the level of the site itself, where you can always ask the question you are interested in 24 hours a day.


Combining orders

If you do not find on the showcase of instant positions of interest – you can pre-order with your wishes and requirements for the place of treasure, etc.

Tor browser – where and how to find the program

To find and install the Tor browser program on your computer, the user has to perform the following steps:

  • Visit the official TOR website, which is publicly available and is not blocked by providers;
  • By clicking on the Download button on the site, you can download the software to your device. The site also provides detailed information about the work and functionality of the program;
  • Once the software is downloaded, you need to open the file, choose the Russian language of the program interface and click on the "Install" button.

Once the installation is complete, the user can open the program and use it for research in the Darknet. To get to the site of drug TOR Hydra, the user just write the relevant request in the search bar.

What you can buy on Hydra

Hydra is a large trading platform, where a huge number of PAHs and medicines are presented, which will help customers "relax or have fun". Here they are in the public domain, and anyone can make both retail and wholesale purchases.

For example, here in a wide range of cocaine, mephedrone, methadone, heroin, cannabis, butts, etc. All the user needs is to find the store he likes, choose the product and make a purchase as in a simple online store.

Terms of delivery

The transfer of purchased goods on Hydra is carried out by the method of bookmarking. This approach allows both the courier and the recipient to remain anonymous. The courier makes a cache, takes pictures of it, describes the place and the way to pick it up, dumping it all on the client's Telegram, adding a description of the coordinates of the place. The user can only come to the specified point and pick up the "package." The user can assess the quality of delivery and the goods on the site.



Why do you need a guarantor? The fact is that spending a large sum of money, there is a great risk of "kidalov." You can simply not detect the goods and as a result, the seller himself. Or the product will be of poor quality.



In order to prevent the client's financial transactions from being traced by any secret service, bitcoin (cryptocurrency) is used as a calculated currency on Hydra. All transactions with this kind of "money" can not be traced by any service in the world.



In addition to purchases, the user can earn on Hydra. For example, you can invest in shares and become an investor, getting a profit from Hydra's cash turnover, being an investor and shareholder.

instant purchase

instant purchase

Hydra's website is open 24 hours a day and offers its customers more than 3,000 stores operating on the platform. Despite the title of "drug" site, hydra presents other products.